ISO 9001:2015 Policy Statement

Effective Date: 10-15-21

This Policy Statement covers Material Control, Inc., dba Conveyor Components Company and Material Control, Inc. sales division located at 130 Seltzer Road, Croswell, Michigan.                             

As a manufacturer of quality engineered products for the bulk handling industry throughout the world, Conveyor Components Company prides itself as a leading supplier in both foreign and domestic markets by maintaining and expanding market share and pursuing new product opportunities.  The scope of the Conveyor Components Company Quality Management System covers conveyor safety controls, motions controls, level controls, bin aerators, skirtboard clamps, and conveyor belt cleaners, as registered by NQA Global for ISO 9001:2015.

To maintain this leading role we:

  • Provide a quality product to the market that meet customers expressed requirements.
  • Maintain good communications with customers
  • Maintain the shortest possible lead time while pricing products competitively.
  • Continually improve designs, service, and products.
  • Comply with applicable standards, legislation, and regulations.
  • Focus on occupational, health & safety standards.
  • Invest in our future for continued growth.
  • Provision of need resources and infrastructure.


Conveyor Components Company strives to maintain to highest standards of integrity.  By strictly following and enforcing a high code of ethics we make our company a better place to work and our community a better place to live.

Conveyor Components Company ensures that we meet the needs of our internal and external customers by training our employees to understand and support the requirements of our Management System.  By focusing on continual improvement of our Management System, we will ensure meeting the future needs Conveyor Components Company customers.

                                                                                    Nick Valore

                                                                                    C.O.O. - Material Control, Inc.






Their Requirements





QCD Quality product, at a fair price, and on time delivery





Good work environment



Fair compensation





Standard Regulators:






Build the listed product within UL Standards.





Build the listed product within CSA Standards.





Governmental units: Taxes and





Utilities and public services





Public Services





MIOSHA, adhere to State Employment Laws





Adhere to Fed Employment laws





Be lawful



Keep them inform as to any issue we know of



Emergency Services

To keep a safe environment, train employee for response to emergencies.


To inform them of any hazardous materials that an injured employee was exposed to.





Full and timely payments





Board of Directors

Maintain a lawful, profitable business.  They approve budgets.





Maintain a lawful, profitable business.   





Environmental quality

Comply with environmental laws.