Conveyor Components Company is pleased to announce the introduction of a new alignment control for vertical belts. This new unit is designed exclusively for vertical belts typically found on bucket elevators.  The Model VA-X complies with OSHA mandates under Code of Federal Regulations 1910.272 for grain handling facilities. It utilizes an explosion proof Micro Switch that is UL listed and CSA certified. A NEMA 4 general-purpose model is available for non-grain applications.  The Model VA-X protects elevator legs from severe damage that may result from misalignment of vertical bucket belts. Used in pairs, these explosion proof controls can be wired to give warning signals and/or can be connected directly into the motor starter circuit to stop the bucket elevator.  The main components are a sensor roller with sealed bearings, a linkage bar, a “pocket” mounting bracket, and a DP/DT explosion proof Micro Switch. The linkage connects the roller’s pivot shaft to the Micro Switch actuator. The sensing roller is mounted within a sloping “pocket” bracket that isolates it from the micro switch and prevents material build-up around the actuation parts.  When the roller is depressed 15° degrees, the first set of contacts is triggered, which can be wired to sound a warning alarm or light. The second set of contacts is triggered after the roller is depressed an additional 10° degrees. These contacts could be wired to stop the bucket elevator.

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