Conveyor Components Company’s Model AD aerators provide positive flow of dry, finely ground materials from any bin using the proven principle of aeration. Almost all flow problems inherent to dry, fine materials are caused by compaction. By installing aerators and introducing low pressure air, the material is given back its natural ability to flow. When low pressure air is introduced to a finely ground material it will flow like water; uniformly and quickly. The main advantage of installing bin aerators is their ability to promote uniform flow by eliminating bridging and ratholing at the base of the bin caused by material compaction. The Model AD ensures first in/first out flow. Conveyor Components Company’s aerators are inexpensive, easily adapt to any bin configuration, require minimal maintenance and are quick to install.The Model AD’s standard material of construction includes a zinc plated steel body with galvanized steel mesh and a cotton diffuser. Standard units have a temperature rating of 200°F (93ºC). The high temperature version is constructed of a zinc plated steel body with a galvanized steel mesh and fiberglass diffuser. Fiberglass diffuser units have a temperature rating of 600°F (315ºC). Both the cotton fiberglass diffusers are available in stainless steel.

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