Now there’s a rotary level indicator with the sensitivity to handle light, fluffy materials as well as normal bulk density materials such as chemicals, plastics, fertilizers, and aggregates.  The model CR ROTO-LEVEL Control from Conveyor Components Company can be either top mounted or side mounted on most types of storage bins. It functions as a high level or low level indicator to monitor material overflow, empty bins, plugged chute conditions, jammed conveyors, product spillage, or damaged equipment.  Operation of this Electro-mechanical unit is quite simple. A paddle wheel is connected to a low torque AC synchronous motor. In the absence of material, the paddle rotates continuously inside the bin at 1 RPM. When the paddle meets resistance from the accumulated material within the bin, it transfers its torque to one, two, or three microswitches. These 20 amp microswitches, in turn, can be used to control a variety of equipment such as start-stop operations of conveyors, elevators, feeder systems, and even provide control of audible or visual warning alarms.  The ROTO-LEVEL Control is available in either 120 VAC or 240 VAC, single-phase operation. Each unit comes standard with a field adjustable time delay as well as a field adjustable sensitivity mechanism. Units are designed to be dust-tight, weatherproof, with explosion proof models available as an option.

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