New Twist on E-Stop Cable SupportThe Model RS-27P cable support, manufactured by Conveyor Components Company, joins the ranks of the RS-23 & RS-27 and provides another way to properly support e-stop cable for our product line of quality engineered safety stop switches. The RS-27P “pig-tail” or “corkscrew” cable support allows the installer to quickly install the pull cable without having to thread the cable through the eye. A couple of quick flips or twists and the cable is quickly installed.E-stops or cable pull controls are required in many parts of the world to protect personnel from dangerous situations, and are designed to act as an emergency stop for conveyors and other moving machinery.This RS-27P cable support consists of zinc plated steel support with a 1” eye and comes complete with 2 hex nuts and a lock washer. Installation involves a 1/2” diameter hole in the conveyor side-rail or frame. Cable is quickly installed by rotating the cable around the pig-tail arrangement. The cable no longer needs to be threaded through the eye.

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