Conveyor Components Company is pleased to announce a new addition to their popular level control product line. The model CR Ultra is the latest advancement in their rotating paddle level control product line, with Fail-To-Safe electronics. This unit is based on their proven motion switch technology. A sophisticated electronic circuit monitors paddle rotation in order to detect motor failure, damaged motor clutch, bad output shaft bearings, or loss of paddle rotation.  The CR Ultra unit features an external flashing red LED for indicating the status of the unit, as well as alarm condition. Also included is a field selectable high or low level failsafe, a 3 to 45 second time delay, and easy access to field wiring. Available in 120 VAC or 240 VAC versions. The standard accessory items such as mounting plates, flexible output shafts, and paddles are interchangeable with this new design. Step up to the next generation of level controls!

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