New Heavy Duty Ball Bearing Roller for Model TA Belt Alignment ControlThe model TA (Tilt Action) belt alignment control by Conveyor Components Company is a rugged and dependable device for use on most belt conveying systems and wastewater filter presses or other associated equipment.  The model TA is available in either weatherproof or explosion-proof enclosures.  This belt alignment control has dry, unpowered 20 amp SP/DT microswitches, or 15 amp DP/DT microswitches (to control up to 4 separate output functions).  The unit is bi-directional so it can operate in either direction.  The trip points are field settable via a cam & set screw adjustment.  The housing is cast aluminum, with epoxy coating available for corrosive environments. In addition to the standard roller with white Acetyl polymer end bearings, the model TA can also be supplied with an optional heavy duty “ball bearing roller” which is specified with the suffix “-RBB” at the end of the model number.

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