Protect your valuable conveyor belt from severe damage caused by belt misalignment, prevent costly downtime and increase production with Conveyor Components Company’s Model VA belt alignment control.  Designed for use on bucket elevators, the Model VA ensures that your belt is tracking properly.Normally installed in pairs on each side of the conveyor belt near the head pulley and/or the tail pulley, these heavy-duty controls consist of a conveyor roller with sealed bearings, four bar linkage and a double pole/double throw microswitch.  The roller detects any belt run-off and will trigger the first pole of the microswitch to sound a warning alarm, illuminate an indicator light, or stop the conveyor completely when the vertical belt strays beyond 10° from horizontal. The second pole is triggered when the belt strays 25° from horizontal and can be wired to stop the conveyor motor. To eliminate false signals the controls should be mounted about one inch away from the belt.  For high speed conveyors a breakaway mount is recommended. In the event of a run-off, the control unit performs its job of shutting down the conveyor and the breakaway mount allows the control itself to get out of the way of damage.The Model VA general purpose microswitch enclosure is UL Listed and CSA Certified, Rated NEMA Type 4, for weatherproof and dust-tight environments. The Model VA-X is our explosion proof model rated NEMA Type 1, 3, 4, 6, 13; Type 7, Class I, Groups B, C, D; NEMA Type 9, Class II, E, F and G for use in hazardous environments .Conveyor Components Company’s Models VA and VA-X are durable, reliable and economical methods of meeting OSHA requirements and protecting elevator legs from damage. Conveyor Components Company is an ISO 9001 Registered Company. 

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