OSHA and ANSI Standards require any surface above 48” (4 feet) to be guarded by guardrail systems. Any opening in the guardrail system must be protected by an offset rail or self-closing safety gate. The Model RG (Ready Gate™) is an adjustable self-closing safety gate that meets the current requirements of OSHA 1910 Subpart D as well as ANSI-A1264.1-2017, and is available in two sizes, to protect 16” to 26” or 24” to 40” guardrail openings. The gate can easily be field mounted as left-opening or right-opening, and the included mounting brackets are adaptable to round or square guardrails.The core of the Model RG (Ready Gate™) is a stainless steel spring that resists rust while also ensuring the gate closes automatically. The gate standard construction is a mild steel/carbon steel frame with a UV resistant red color polyester powder top coating and a zinc-rich primer underneath. A strike plate adds additional strength to the gate and a noise dampening foam pad reduces loud noise when the gate closes.

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