Conveyor Components Company is pleased to announce the most innovative addition to their control product line to date.  The Model SSI is the latest advancement in monitoring the operation of conveyor controls. The Model SSI System Status Indicator is a uniquely designed device that will immediately identify which conveyor control has tripped out of the hundreds of controls routinely found at a bulk handling facility. The Model SSI can tell the operator which conveyor control has actuated or failed and communicate to a central location. The communication language used on the Model SSI is RS232, a common serial communication protocol. This can allow the status of the conveyor control to be read to a remote computer.  The Model SSI consists of a display unit that can monitor as many as 255 status modules. A small module about the size of a quarter (coin) is mounted inside each conveyor control. Each module communicates with the display via a single twisted pair bus cable. This allows for the monitoring of a control at a minimal cost.

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