Pull Cord Mounting Bracket Saves Time and Money

The model RS-30 pull cord mounting bracket, manufactured exclusively by Conveyor Components Company, was designed for use with the model RS pull cord. It was specifically designed to be installed under an existing conveyor belt troughing idler using the existing idler bolts to secure the bracket in place. This saves time and money by not drilling mounting holes along the conveyor frame. Additionally, this positions the pull cord at the “belt line” providing easy access to a distressed person on the conveyor belt, or an operator on the ground, whom might be experiencing a problem with the conveyor system.

The model RS-23 threadless “double-eye” pull cable support is an excellent complement to the RS-30 mounting bracket by also using existing idler mounting bolts, thus eliminating further drilling of the conveyor frame. The zinc plated model RS-23 cable support should be used every 10 feet.

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