Bulk Urethane Material

Bulk Urethane Material
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Model Urethane

What is it?  Our bright yellow urethane is a 90 durometer solid urethane, without mounting holes. Can be used for conveyor belt cleaning wipers, skirtboard applications or other multiple uses... the choice is yours!  Available in 1" x 6" and cut to length.

Why is it necessary? The BULK URETHANE protects valuable conveyor belts. It has a straight, smooth edge. Available in lengths up to 72" inches long, or cut to length at no extra charge. This is the same urethane used as wiper material on all our (long blade) urethane wiper style conveyor belt cleaners (but without punched holes). 

Models Available
Part Number Thickness Width Shipping Weight Per Foot Price Per Linear Foot
21088865 1" 6" 3.03 $

Note: Sold per foot, purchased by the whole foot.

Note: Prices subject to change without notice.

Technical Specifications
  • 90 durometer solid urethane planks (without punched holes).
  • Abrasion resistant for high performance, can be used as wiper blades, skirtboard or other.
  • Available in 1" thick x 6" wide x 72" (maximum length).
  • Available in lengths 72" inches (6 feet) long or cut to length at no extra charge.
  • Used as wiper material on all our urethane (long blade) wiper style belt cleaners.
  • Sold per foot, purchased to the nearest whole foot. Field cut/trim if necessary.

Data Sheets

No data sheets are available for this product.