Designed for easy installation, the MAG-NEAT-O® is a magnetically coupled motion sensor that when paired with Conveyor Components Company controller Model’s RMS or MSD can be programmed as an over speed, under speed or zero speed device. The MAG-NEAT-O® is a speed switch that uses a uniquely designed magnetic coupler to attach the unit to the roller shaft on your conveyor. This coupler is connected to a target that rotates in upon with the roller shaft of a conveyor. A target is then read by a proximity sensor that communicates pulses into the optional MSD controller which has a relay to control up to two circuits.


The MAG-NEAT-O® features a simple robust Magnetic Coupler for easy rapid field installation. The coupler is magnetically attached to the shaft of a conveyor roller. No tapping or drilling is required!

  • The MCM-3S (3-wire) sensor is compatible with Conveyor Components Company Model MSD-800 series controllers.
  • The MSD-800 controller is a panel mount plastic housing display.
  • MSD-800 is available in either a 120 VAC, 240 VAC, or 24 V AC/DC power input.  
  • The sensor can be used in outdoor environments and is connected to the controller(s) with Belden 8442 or 9760 or similar.
  • The maximum separation distance between controller and sensor is 200 feet. 
  • The MODEL MSD Controller has one single pole, single throw (SP/ST) relay, one Transistor and one single pole, double throw (SP/DT) relay.
  • No drilling or tapping of the tail pulley shaft is necessary.  The unit connects magnetically to the pulley shaft. 
  • Available in 2 wire (MCM-2S) or 3 wire (MCM-3S) to accommodate a wide variety of Controllers.

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